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氨基酸 – 21 种氨基酸,此乃蛋白质中所含之主要成份,最重要的是花粉含有人体不能在体合成,只能依靠食物摄取的8种必需的氨基酸。

维他命 – 人体所必需的14种维他命。

矿物质 - 有钙、锰、钾、镁、锌等十一种矿物质。

酵素 – 18种酵素,特别重要的是这些酵素完全是天然的成份,它具有强大的抗衰老能力及令身体迅速恢复活力。


1.    青春仕女 – 可营养滋润皮肤,使皮肤细嫩,容颜美丽。对祛除雀斑、黑眼圈、黑印、暗疮、脂疱、皮肤过敏等相当奏效。

2.    中年仕女 – 延缓肌肤衰老松弛,延缓皱纹增加。保持青春容貌,恢复青春活力。对妇女更年期综合症疗程达80%。

3.    老年人 – 花粉中含有丰富天然酵素和活性物质,它具有强大的抗老功能。能增强细胞活力,延缓衰老,消除脑细胞中脂褐素堆积产生的老年斑,常服可祛病强身,延年益寿。

4.    少年儿童 – 促进儿童发育机能,活跃脑细胞,建脑益智。对大脑迟钝,发育迟缓的儿童有一定疗效。增加血红蛋白及红血球,对小儿贫血有效。


花粉 500毫克









Pollen, the fine dust on the stamen, causes flowers to produce seeds and thus is the vital element for reproduction.


Laboratory analysis indicates that pollen is rich in the following nutrients:

1.    Amino acids – 19 amino acids, all essentials for the formation of protein. Most important of all, some of these amino acids are not produces in human body but can only be supplied through assimilation.

2.    Vitamins – 14 essential vitamins.

3.    Minerals – 11 essential minerals.

4.    Enzymes – 11 vital enzymes. Being natural active enzyme, they help to maintain youthfulness and delay senescence.


Pollen is rich in these 4 categories of nutrients and is a natural food supplement most beneficial to health and beauty.


Specific functions of Pollen health food for:

  1. The aged – active enzymes in the human body decrease with the growth of age. Constant dosage helps to postpone senescence and maintain youthfulness and promises longevity. It is distinctive in maintaining health and keeping fit.
  2. The middle-aged – it helps to recover immediately from tiredness and fatigue, and to relieve from stress induced by work pressure and environment. Constant dosage makes one spirited and energetic.
  3. The adolescents and children – it helps to activate cerebral cells, benefits mentality and promotes metabolism and growth for children.
  4. Beauty lover – it postpones cell senescence and helps skin-care. It si beneficial in maintaining youthfulness, keeping eyes bright and removing freckles, black spots, acnes, roughness, wrinkles and skin allergy.
  5. Certain diseases – constant application not only helps maintain health, but also has curative effect to anemia, insomnia, gastro-intestinal ulcer, hyperacidity, gastritis and constipation.



Pollen 500mg



For Adult: 2-3 capsules each time, 2 times daily.

For children: 1 capsule each time, 2 times daily.

To be taken with warm water.



Keep in cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.



this product contains Bee Pollen and may cause severe allergic reactions including fatal anaphylactic reactions in susceptible individuals. Asthma and allergy suffers may be at greater risks.

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